A heartfelt recommendation from Rav Shmuel Rabinowitz, rabbi of the Kotel and Holy Sites

“Let us be grateful to Rav Azriel and Rav Jacob Einfeld, for their blessed work.


It was a great privilege for me to learn about the unique activity of the “Nachzik Chazak” organization – that they head.  It is a charity likened to a “Meit Mitzvah”, providing assistance and support for orphans and widowed families in such a wonderful way.


There is no need to describe the great suffering of the families who lost their loved ones. The heart is pinched every time. The absence of a father is felt – especially on the Sabbath and holidays, with landmarks throughout the year.


A great void opens for the mother and the tender children, their beloved Husband and Abba has been taken from them. These widows, whose head of the family are taken to the next world, are also forced to take on the role of the educator, a job is not easy for them in many aspects…


Therefore, I join in calling our brothers to come together in favor of this organization. Support it with a generous eye and spirit