Dress 6,850 orphans

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Dress 6,850 orphans

After years of activity among orphans and widows, we know that the better for the children, the better for the mother.
Sometimes all a child needs is a sense of belonging, being “like everyone else”, not feeling exceptional. And we know that children have no barriers and how easy it is to hurt a child who is a bit different…

The Orphan Dressing Project is a project that has been launched to meet the essential needs of orphans.
We thought about what we could give to widows and orphans and at the same time fill the place of the father who was no longer there.
Dad would pamper Mom before the holidays and in general, together they would also buy new holiday clothes for the kids.
But today Mom is alone and she has to bear the double burden, being both a mother and father, to support the family alone and to cope with the painful reality.

The orphans we want to indulge in a new holiday outfit are children of superhero mothers who work overtime to barely pay rent and bring food home.
How will they feel when all their friends buy new clothes for the holidays and they know that Mom is working hard but they can only dream of something new?

They have no father,
But they still want to feel like everyone else.
While their friends are coming to shul with Dad, dressed in new, clean clothes, they have to come alone and with old and worn clothes.
So this holiday we took it upon ourselves to dress 5,000 orphans.
It’s a small act that can change a child’s whole world.

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