Repair Patrol

The Nachzik Chazak repair patrol is made up of volunteers and professionals who have chosen to devote their time and knowledge – to others.

How it works
The electricity jumped, a water leak, a shutter fell…
We receive a phone call and after taking the details make a home visit as soon as possible.
We handle home repairs but also exceptional cases that are not included in the definition.
We often come to visit a home because of a poweroutage or broken door problem and find that beds are missing or that financial help is needed.
Of course, we do everything we can to help the widows and the elderly.
In cases where the purchase of equipment that is not financially viable is needed, we try to assist, sometimes through the general public..

Our patrol is fueled by values!
Respect and trust are the basis for joining.
We want every widow or elderly to feel comfortable bringing a volunteer / professional home.
We respect privacy, do not take pictures and do not ask for income details before assistance – anyone who needs help will receive it.
We are proud to take part in important and necessary sacred work, and call on anyone interested – join us!