Afikoman gift for thousands of Nachzik Chazak children

The nationwide operation of distributing Afikoman gifts to orphans across the country was successful, from Kiryat Shmona in the north to Eilat in the south, gifts were distributed on Pessach’s first day of Chol Hamoed by dozens of volunteers.

Together with the Pessach cups that were carefully polished and packed, experiences, memories and events of the passing holiday were wrapped. holiday impressions that are personal and exclusive to each family.

The housewife who prays on the Pessach holiday adds a brief but meaningful plea: “I thank you for all the kindness you have done with us, and wish that we will be honored next year to celebrate Pessach in health and comfort”. She may not even be aware of the depth of intent she should have in her prayer, yet there are those who have already come to see how much she needs to convey, and how nothing in our lives is self-evident.

A year is a very long period of time, and many things can happe, for example, a tragic change of family reality. The image of a father standing on a ladder and raising the crates of the Pessach dishes, and although he himself is no longer alive, his presence id felt and missed.

On Seder night, for example, the five-year-old orphan refused to come to the table. Mother tried to persuade him in every way that he would at least join in to recite the “four questions.” At this point, the dam burst and many tears filled the innocent little face; but Mother, if I say: Dad, I’ll ask you four questions, it would be a lie because Dad is not here at all and you can’t ask him. Nor does he wear a white Kittel like the Rebbe said in class. And Mom, I don’t even have anyone to ‘steal’ the Afikoman from! At which point his cry became hysterical and heartbreaking.

The tears of the orphaned orphan can only be wiped out by the merciful, the one who decreed and sustains, but there are those who are not at ease, before settling the matter of the Afikoman for these righteous children.


Nachzik Chazak works its wonder, easing the pain of  a family that is struggling under the huge shadow of a missing parent. As part of the organization’s activities, in the weeks leading up to the holiday, Nachzik Chazak holds a market survey on the most popular game about to capture the hearts of young consumers. The considerations that guide the organization’s leaders when examining the offerings of the game are: its suitability for diverse age, attractive but not complex in its instructions, and high-quality and durable. The matter that does not take up space among the considerations is the price of the game. The Nachzik Chazak organization believes that there is no cost to an orphan’s smile, and they are as determined as they can be, to bring that smile to his face.


On erev Pessach, gifts for orphans across the country are distributed from Kiryat Shmona in the north to Eilat in the south by dozens of volunteers who send gifts to the homes, while the widow tries to plan her next days and plan their holiday days in such a way that their home will have a happy atmosphere. The saying that: Life is not a children’s game, the orphans are already experiencing on their flesh at any time and every holiday. We will strive to bring them enthusiasm and love. It is no coincidence that the slogan of the organization is

“One strong family” because exciting gestures such as these can only be among family members.